Treating yourself or a loved one to your favourite pick n mix or retro has never been easier.

About Our Sweet Mission

Born out of the idea to let a loved one know you're thinking of them, we provide a quick and easy way for you to treat yourself, a friend, or family member to some tasty pick mix.

Why are we different?


Our Sweet Pouches use food-grade packaging, come with a zip lock that can be resealed for freshness and are heat sealed for peace of mind. 

Likewise, our Sweet Boxes come super fresh. We place your pick n mix in airtight, food-grade polythene packaging before sealing it in a closed box and posting your order in a sealed mailing bag. 


We're a small sweet company which means we can provide a quality, personal service to each and every customer. Your business is super important to us, and we promise freshly packaged, sumptuously filled, carefully delivered sweets - every time. Whether it's your favourite retro sweets, jelly pick n mix or a fizzy selection, we only use high quality, fresh sweets.

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