Our Favourite Pick n Mix Gift Ideas

Updated: Mar 19

If you're looking for pick n mix gift ideas, you're in the right place. It's always hard finding the perfect gift for friends, family or loved ones, but who doesn't love pick n mix? Here's our top ideas for gifts containing pick n mix.

Fizzy pick n mix sweets with a white box

1) Gable Pick n Mix Boxes

These are our premium sweet boxes and make a thoughtful gift for any occasion. With full control over your sweet filling, choose from fizzy, jelly or a mixture of all pick n mix sweets. This nicely packaged gift comes in a white finish with a window to the front for a sneek peek at all of the sweety-goodness inside. If you're feeling generous, choose our whopping 900g option; otherwise our regular 400g filling is more than enough to keep em' sweet.

Fizzy and jelly sweets with a white box

2) Window Sweet Boxes

A close second is our Window Sweet Boxes, with full view of the sweets inside they're perfect for unwrapping as a gift or unpackaging if you want to have your gift delivered to their door. With plenty of options on your sweet filling, these pick n mix boxes make an excellent value gift but sshhh, we won't tell if you don't!

Huge 1.5kg of sweets with white box

3) Mega Mixed Sweet Box

If you're shopping for someone who is more about quantity than an elegantly packaged gift, our Mega Mixed Sweet Box is undoubtedly the best option for you. It isn't 'Mega' for no reason, it's packed with 1.5kg of quality pick n mix sweets! Just for context, that's about 3x the size of your average Wilko pick n mix tub!

This sweet box comes in a huge pizza-style box, with sweets bursting (literally) to the brim. If anyone can finish this in under a week, we'll be impressed.

Jelly and fizzy sweets with a shiny sweet pouch

4) Resealable Sweet Bags

Sometimes, it's the practical gifts that are best received. Our Sweet Bags are the perfect match for those who are busy, on the move, or who don't have the biggest appetite. Packaged in a food-grade quality resealable zip-lock pouch and available in multiple sizes, our sweet bags offer practicality and freshness whilst still making a thoughtful pick n mix gift.

Close up view of fizzy sweets

5) A pick n mix subscription

A pick n mix what? Yes, you read that right - a subscription for pick n mix sweets to be delivered however often you choose. Think about it, those Netflix binges and cosy rainy afternoons in front of the telly could be accompanied by tasty pick n mix, every time! You choose the packaging and the filling and we'll take care of the rest, every week or every month. Now wouldn't that make the perfect pick n mix gift for a loved one?

If you're still looking for pick n mix gift inspiration, take a look at our entire range of pick n mix sweets including sweet boxes, sweet bags and more!