Our most popular pick n mix sweets!

Looking for inspiration on which sweets to have delivered to your door? This blog is going to help you out!

We can't blame you, with over 40 individual pick n mix sweets to choose from and loads of different types of sweet boxes, sweet bags and gifting boxes available across our website.

One thing's for sure, everyone loves pick n mix. But which sweet takes the top spot in our list of most popular pick n mix sweets?

We've analysed hundreds of orders to find out which sweet is chosen the most by our customers. If you're really struggling to choose, we've also done our best to describe the flavours and textures of each one.

Can't decide which to choose? Pick all five of our top sweets in one of our build your own boxes or build your own bags!

5: Blue Raspberry Bonbons

Taking spot number 5 in our most popular sweets is the Blue Raspberry BonBon!

A firm favourite amongst young and old, this deliciously blue sweet has been around for decades. With a soft but firm texture they're gnawishly addictive.

If you love a sweet which needs a little bit of chewing but is full of flavour, you'll love the Blue Raspberry BonBon.

4: Tongue Painters

A seriously underrated sweet, our Tongue Painters are so popular once people realise how flavoursome, chewy and yummy they are!

We have to admit, before we started The Sweet Box UK, we'd never come across these sweets but we really wish we had! We always make sure we have them in stock to include in our mixed and jelly pick n mix because everyone loves them.

They're a hit with the kids too, because they paint your tongue blue! (if you hadn't already guessed). Great fun, great taste. What isn't to like about Tongue Painters?

3: Haribo Rhubarb & Custards

One of the best selling from the Haribo sweet range had to be in this list, and the Rhubard & Custards are one of our firm favourites. There's so many variations of the Rhubarb and Custard flavour, from boiled sweets to jelly, but the flavour and taste is always so sweet yet satisfying.

I'm sure you'll have tried one of these pick n mix sweets before, especially if you remember the days of picking up your 1p pick n mix sweets from the newsagents! Hopefully we haven't just revealed our age too much, but who cares! These sweets are delicious.

They're great for kids too as they aren't too hard or chewy!

2: Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

We're not surprised that Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles are so high up on the list, the only thing we're surprised about is that others like cola or cherry bottles aren't in our top 5 most popular sweets too!

These make such a great sweet for all ages. They aren't too sour and they aren't too sweet, you can still enjoy the jelly texture of other sweets but with a drizzle of fizzy goodness on top.

We don't need to explain what they taste like, hopefully, but just in case, they're a bubblegum flavour, and unlike some pick n mix they aren't overly sweet, so that means you can have more of them!

Available in all of our sweet mixes.

1: Watermelons

Taking our top sweet is the jelly Watermelon sweet! This is the most popular pick n mix choice in our build your own boxes and bags!

Before we looked at which sweets our customers love to get delivered we didn't think that Watermelons would be the most popular but we're not surprised. It's a sweet which tastes deliciously like they're real-life, perhaps slightly healthier alternative, and we think most people choose them out of curiosity. After all, who doesn't love watermelon, so who wouldn't like it in sweet form?

If you haven't tried them, give them a go, either on their own as a single sweet, in our build your own boxes or build your own bags, or as part of one of our jelly or mixed boxes.


The sweets listed here are all available in any of our sweet boxes, sweet bags, gifting boxes or single sweets.

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