Our Build Your Own Sweet Box gives you complete control over your pick n mix. Choose up to 10 of your favourite pick n mix sweets, choose your size and we'll freshly package and deliver your Sweet Box to your door.


Choose from:

Haribo Rhubard & Custards - SOLD OUT

Haribo Jelly Babies

Haribo Fizzy Cherries

Haribo Happy Cherries

Haribo Rainbow Twists

Haribo Heart Throbs

Haribo Giant Strawbs 

Haribo Terrific Turtles - SOLD OUT

Haribo Giant Dummies

Haribo Fried Eggs

Haribo Yellow Bellies

Haribo Cola Bottles 

Haribo Friendship Rings 

Mini Foam Bananas

Fizzy Teddy Bears 

Liquorice Bricks

Sour Candy Shocks - SOLD OUT

Barratt Milk Bottles 

Kingsway Blue Raspberry Bonbons

Kingsway Toffee Bonbons

Blue Raspberry Wheelz 

Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

Fizzy Watermelon Slices

Bubblegum Mushrooms - SOLD OUT

Tongue Painters 

Barratts Fizzy Dummies

Sour Strawberry Pencil Bites

Sour Rainbow Belts

Jelly Beans

Fruit Salads

Wham Bar - SOLD OUT

Swizzels Fizzers

Palma Violets

Drumstick Lollies

Fruity Pops


In the event that a sweet of your choice is unavailable we'll substitute it with more of one of your other chosen sweets.


Your sweets are packed in airtight polythene food-grade packaging, placed inside your sweet box and posted in a sealed mailing bag for peace of mind.

Build your own Box


We handle and pack multiple pick and mix sweets and therefore we can't guarantee that any of our products are free from soya and milk products, peanut, gluten or wheat.

If you have any specific dietary requirements please contact us directly and we'll be able to help.

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