Our Haribo Sweet Pouch contains the nations favourite pick n mix, and they're a safe bet if you're buying as a gift too! Using only the best quality Haribo sweets, choose your pouch size.


Our sweet pouches are food-grade, with a resealable zip lock to keep your sweets fresh.


This sweet pouch comes in four different sizes. Each filling is between 40-50g.


If you have any preference on sweets just leave a note at checkout.

The Haribo Pouch

Weight 200g, 400g, 750g, 1kg

Contains a mixture of any of the below but selection is random and may not include all sweets listed:


Haribo Rhubard & Custards - SOLD OUT

Haribo Jelly Babies

Haribo Fizzy Cherries

Haribo Happy Cherries

Haribo Rainbow Twists 

Haribo Heart Throbs

Haribo Giant Strawbs

Haribo Friendship Rings

Haribo Terrific Turtles - SOLD OUT

Haribo Giant Dummies

Haribo Fried Eggs

Haribo Yellow Bellies

Haribo Giant Cola Bottles

Haribo Cola Bottles

Haribo Rotella

Suitable for vegetarians No


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