Full of flavour and colour, our rainbox sweet box is great for younger sweet eaters or those who prefer a subtle sugary treat!


This sweet mix (400g) contains:


  • Chocolate Jazzles
  • Fizzers
  • Strawberry Twist Kisses
  • Rhubarb & Custards
  • 3D Hearts
  • Sour Candy Shocks
  • Happy Flowers
  • Fizzy Rainbow Belts
  • Toffee BonBons
  • Chocolate Eggs


Your sweets are packed in airtight polythene food-grade packaging, placed inside your sweet box and posted in a sealed mailing bag for peace of mind.

The Rainbow Box

£5.99 Regular Price
£5.39Sale Price

We handle and pack multiple pick and mix sweets and therefore we can't guarantee that any of our products are free from soya and milk products, peanut, gluten or wheat.

If you have any specific dietary requirements please contact us directly and we'll be able to help.