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Treat somebody with a sweet box or spoil yourself with our resealable sweet bags. 

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Sweet Boxes

Sweet Boxes

Our signature pick n mix range. A yummy sweet box packed with... 

Sweet gifts

Sweet gifts

Looking for the perfect gift for any occasion? Our Gifting Sweet Boxes... 

Sweet Bags

Sweet Bags

Stock up on your favourite pick n mix with our resealable pick... 

A selection of sweets including bon bons, terrific turtles, cola bottles and more.

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Struggling to choose from our range of pick n mix sweet boxes? Take some inspiration from our blog post to help you choose which sweets you want delivered.

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Bringing the pick n mix shop to your home

Check out our range of single sweets, available in quantities of 100g, 250g or 500g each!

Choose from over 40 individual pick n mix sweets. Mix and match and choose your favourites from as little as £0.99 per 100g.

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Sweets that fit through your letterbox!

Not sure if you'll be home? Don't worry, out Letterbox Sweets fit right through your letterbox - great for busy households or to be sure your gift will arrive if you're buying for someone else.

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Our Sweet Mission

We provide online sweets delivered to your door. With a huge selection of your favourite pick n mix or retro sweets, we create great value sweet boxes and pouches.

Our mission is simple - to deliver high quality pick n mix sweets to you quickly, whether it's to satisfy your sweet craving or to send as a gift to a friend or family member.